Send customized messages directly to people with smartphones who are within 100 yards of you or your business.

Promote Your Business to the Right People at the Right Time

What if you could send a customized message directly to people with smartphones who are within 100 yards of you or your business?

With PCast on your keychain you can do just that. PCast combines a pocket-sized broadcasting unit called a PCaster and a proprietary messaging system that you control from your smartphone.

Just set the message and content you want to broadcast and your notification will be sent automatically to every Android phone within 100 yards.*

* Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market.

Everybody’s Talking about PCast

PCast is Perfect For


Imagine how amazing it would be to send a special offer to everyone just walking by.


Want to attract new customers? How many more people would you be able to meet if you sent a personal introduction to everyone at your next networking event… straight to their smartphones?


Imagine how amazing it would be to keep one at each active listing for 24/7 marketing to anyone just walking or driving by.


With PCasters in the glove boxes of your service vehicles, courtesy vans and loaner fleet, you can PCast dealer incentives, service specials and unadvertised deals wherever they go.

Broadcast Stunning Multi-Media Messages

When it comes to building your business, first impressions are everything. Your PCast subscription lets you build and broadcast custom PCard messages like these.

Educate, engage and inform. With PCards you can display images and video, connect directly to social media profiles, play multimedia content, show maps, floorplans and so much more.

Be creative and show off your expertise with PCards.

What Else Can I Send?

If it has a URL, you can PCast it. Send people to your website. Demonstrate your skills and showcase your personality with a video introduction. Looking for more followers, send them right to your Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media profile. Drive revenue with special offers and discounts. Let your imagination run wild!

It’s So Easy to PCast – Just 3 Simple Steps

1. Subscribe

It’s quick and easy to start your PCast subscription.

We offer no-charge annual replacement, so you can always have the latest PCast technology.

At the end of your subscription, renew to continue PCasting or return the the units to cancel. EASY!

2. Enter Your Custom Message

Your smartphone controls your PCasters so you can enter your messages and PCards quickly and easily.

Set them in advance or change them on the fly to give you a real-time advantage in every situation.

You can even schedule different messages to PCast during specific times of the day or on certain days of the week.

3. Start PCasting

You never know where your next client or customer will come from. Start PCasting and share your business everywhere you go!

At a meeting or conference…PCast.

Having lunch with a client or prospect…PCast.

Cold-calling an office complex…PCast.

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