Growing your business means making it easy for customers to find you and convenient for them to buy from you.  It also means beating  the competition to emerging markets and buyers.


Just having a website is no longer enough.  Forbes Magazine recently reported that 86% of the time people spend online they spend using apps.


The Pocket Marketing Group builds custom mobile apps for less than most businesses spend on their monthly electric bill.

The PMG team can build a custom mobile app for your business, school, agency or non-profit in less than two weeks.  We get your app published in the Apple App Store and in Google Play, we host your app so it's safe and secure and we make sure you have the business analytics and intelligence you need to make better decisions faster.  A mobile app will allow you to:

  • Put your products online, process orders and manage sales with your custom eStore.
  • Run a loyalty program that rewards your customers without cards, punches or stamps.
  • Process rent payments and maintenance requests 24/7 without picking up the phone.
  • Send coupons to your customers based on their exact location anywhere in the world.
  • Accept reservations and appointments with zero per-click or per-transaction fees.
  • Publish unlimited messages to all your customers with the single click of a mouse.
  • Drive up marketing dollar ROI with campaigns precisely targeted at the right markets.

Mobile Apps



Apple iOS


Our Basic App package has all the features you need to get started with mobile technology at a price that any business can afford

Your customized mobile app will be designed using your company logo, name and color pallet and will have powerful business features that will make it easier for your customers to do busines with you and while you expand your markets, build customer loyalty, reduce operating expenses, increase revenues and grow you bottom line.  SBA Package app features include:

Secure, Reliable App Hosting

Analytics & BI Suite

Apple iOS Mobile App published to the Apple App Store

Google Android Mobile App published to the Google Play Store

HTML Web App

Your custom mobile app will be designed, developed and tested by the development team at Pocket Marketing Group

Upgrade to any of our Enterprise App Packages at any time and only pay the different in price.  No service or upgrade fees ever!

One-button Contact Us and Where To Find Us features

Multi-Location mapping with Turn-by-Turn Directions

Events Calendar Listing with unlimited scheduling

Direct link to your company's website

Share App feature to help build your market and encourage customer loyalty

Unlimited Push Notifications


    $99 per month plus a one-time fee of $1999

Our Enterprise app and website plans include:




Entire Deluxe Package Plus

An additional hour of one-on-one consulting to discuss

Web & Online Strategy

Web & Mobile Integration

Using Analytics & Bus Intel

Your custom mobile app and  website will be designed, developed and tested by the development team at Pocket Marketing Group


Secure, Reliable App Hosting

Analytics & BI Suite

Unlimited Push Notifications

Apple iOS Mobile App

Google Android Mobile App

HTML Web App

Access to help desk and online learning library

Two hours of one-on-one consulting with the Pocket Marketing team to discuss:

Mobile App Strategy

App Graphic Design

Your App's User Interface

Social Media Strategy

Your custom mobile app will be designed, developed and tested by the development team at Pocket Marketing Group

Entire Premium Package Plus

Two hours of design and programming time for additional website or mobile app customization w/i 180 days of launch

Your custom website and mobile app will be hosted by Pocket Marketing Group on our secure servers

Data security, backup and restoration service




    $199 per month plus a one-time fee of $3499

    $249 / mo plus a 1x fee of $5499

    $349  / mo plus a 1x fee of $7499

Pick the Mobile App Package That's Right For You

Small Business

Basic Package

Mobile App Features


App Package

Full-service Loyalty Program including awards and points management and Online Redemption option

One-button Contact Us and Where To Find Us features

Multi-Location mapping with Turn-by-Turn Directions

Events Calendar Listing with unlimited scheduling

Direct link to your company's website

Share App Feature with Loyalty Card Integration

Analytics & BI Suite

Custom email contact form

Unlimited Push Notifications

GPS / Geo-Mapping Coupon System

Appointment / Time Slot Booking & Reseravtion System

Fully customized user interface and navigation system

Online receipt submittal

Property Management Work Order Processing

Hotel Booking System

Real Estate MLS Integration

Photo gallery and Testimonial page

Catering Reservation System

Food Menu & Online Ordering

Employee Scheduling

Retail Shopping cart with Credit Card Processing

Individual User Profile management system with critical information database back-office management

Apple iOS Mobile App, Google Android Mobile App and HTML Web App


% MORE SALES when a company offers a mobile app

- Forbes

%  MORE REPEAT BUSINESS when customers can use a mobile app


- Straetgegy + Business Magazine


% MORE GROWTH when a small company makes an app available

- Entreprenuer Magazine


% MORE PROFIT within 18 months of giving their customers an app

- Morgan Stanley

Mobile Apps Mean More


Pocket Marketing Group specializes custom mobile apps for the Food Service, Real Estate, Service, Education, Government, Civic, Non-Profit, Athletics and Retail industries.  We have a unique understanding of the functions needed in your industry in order for your app to stand out from the competition.  Click the buttons below to see the kind of apps we build and power we provide.

Pocket Marketing Group

The graphic designers, animators and programmers at Pocket Marketing Group create mobile apps and websites that are as unique as they are powerful. We will create stunning graphics and sophisticated animations so you get that perfect look for your business.


When it comes to enhancing your brand and promoting your products, Pocket Marketing Group is the leader in digital, social and mobile solutions.


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  • We build custom apps and websites
  • We host your mobile app & website
  • We create online stores with integrated eCommerce
  • We manage your mobile app in the Apple and Google App Stores
  • We help you define and drive your mobile and social media strategy.
  • We provide unique and powerful technology built for you by Marketing Executives, Mobile Media Experts, CPA's, Programmers, Business Intelligence Experts and Graphic Designers.
  • We offer turn-key solutions at prices that fit any budget.
  • Our team has over 60 years of experience delivering IT solutions to start-ups, mid-size companies and global brand leaders.
  • We build the technology you need so you can build the business you want.


  • We build mobile, web and cloud technology that reduces your cost of doing business.
  • We build customized technology that drives business to your door and improves your marketing reach and the value of your marketing dollar.
  • We serve small, medium and large businesses that want to protect their markets and increase profits.



We are marketing and social media experts.  We are graphic designers, programmers, IT architects, animators and technology consultants.


Pocket Marketing Group is the consulting and IT development team that will build your customer mobile app and website, reduce operating costs, grow your bottom line and drive mobile, online, cloud and eCommerce strategy.


We are the team that delivers the IT services you know you need but didn't think you could afford.

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