Pocket Broadcasting

What if you could send a customized message directly to people with smartphones who are within 100 yards of you or your business?

With PCast in your pocket you can do just that. PCast combines a pocket-sized broadcasting unit called a PCaster and a proprietary messaging system that you control from your smartphone.

Just set the message and content you want to broadcast and your notification will be sent automatically to Android phones within 100 yards.

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Mobile Apps

Growing your business means making it easy for customers to find you and convenient for them to buy from you. It also means beating the competition to emerging markets and buyers.

Just having a website is no longer enough. Forbes Magazine recently reported that 86% of the time people spend on mobile they spend using apps.

Pocket Marketing Group builds custom mobile apps for less than most businesses spend on their monthly electric bill.

The PMG team can build a custom mobile app for your business, school, agency or non-profit in less than two weeks. We get your app published in the Apple App Store and in Google Play, we host your app so it’s safe and secure and we make sure you have the business analytics and intelligence you need to make better decisions faster.

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